TESU Professional Business Requirements

This past weekend, I took my final exam for Geology 101: Physical Geology (Rocks for Jocks as my wife likes to say). I also took my final for Business 113: Business Communication. Business Communication was my last course of TESU Professional Business Requirements.

TESU Professional Business Requirements

I finished one Business Communication assignment per day for the last three days. I submitted the final one last night. I’ve already got my score back for the first two. I got 100 on the quizzes, 90 on the final exam, and 42/60 on the first two papers. The third paper is worth 40 points, so I’m at 232/300 plus whatever I get on the third paper.

I also started another General Education course with Study.com, Criminal Justice 101, Introduction to Criminal Justice. I’ve finished 61 of 119 quizzes and will hopefully finish this course tonight and take the final.

After that, all I will have left is:

  • My remaining English Composition papers
  • Intro to Communications with Straighterline
  • 2 More General Education Electives
  • 3 Area of Study / General Management Courses

That gives me 10 days, including 2 weekends, to finish 7 courses and I’ll be done. Hopefully I’ll still be able to submit my transcript and apply for graduation on September 30th or October 1st.

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  1. Awesome job! Your blog is really inspiring šŸ™‚ My apologies if I missed it, but did you ever post your BSBA degree plan? If not, would you mind sharing? Iā€™m pursuing a BSBA/General at TESU as well, and it would be interesting to compare your degree plan with mine.

    1. Thanks Joseph! I haven’t posted my degree plan, but that’s a great idea for a post. Lately I’ve been working so hard on finishing the degree I haven’t posted as much as I’d like to. After October 1st I plan to post much more regularly. How is your progress going on your degree?

      1. Looking forward to your new posts! I just started this week, after having transferred 48 credits from a college I had attended 20 years ago! Breezing through Straighterline BIO 101 after giving up on Saylor šŸ™‚ My goal is to complete about 4 courses/month, hopefully graduating with a BSBA from TESU by June 2018. Have you started/completed your Business Capstone?

        1. Good for you for continuing! 4 classes per month is ambitious but it’s doable. I struggled with Saylor too, so the only course I finished was Principles of Management. Once you get “in the groove” with Straighterline or Study.com, the courses start to fly by.

          I was lucky enough to still take the Capstone as a TECEP, but it’s not offered that way anymore. If you haven’t already looked into it, you should check out the Study.com/Guardian scholarship. 7 free courses if you get it. http://study.com/blog/guardian-s-personal-finance-scholarship.html

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