TESU General Education Electives

This past week, I received my final passing grade for Business Communication and submitted it to ACE. After that, I decided to finish my TESU General Education Electives. I need 21 credits. These are the 15 that I have so far:

  • ALEKS – College Algebra – 3.0
  • ALEKS – Intermediate Algebra – 3.0
  • Study.com – Western Civilization II – 3.0
  • Study.com – A History of Vietnam (Not sure if this will come in as a Gen Ed Elective) – 3.0
  • Study.com – Started Intro to Criminal Justice – 3.0

These are the courses I decided to take:

Since I listed Study.com when I applied to TESU, they waived the TES-100 Cornerstone requirement. Last week, I finished the quizzes for Study.com – Study,com Intro to Criminal Justice, took the final and passed.

Over the weekend, I discovered that 100 of 151 quizzes in Earth Science 101 overlapped from Chemistry and Physical Geology. I knocked out the remaining 51 quizzes, took the final and passed.

I needed one more course to finish up my TESU General Education Electives. I was looking for one with a low number of quizzes and no projects, and found Psychology 104 – Social Psychology at Study.com. I took all the quizzes and plan to take the final tonight.

While I was still on a roll, I started Business 105: Labor Relations at Study.com and took all the quizzes. I will take that final tomorrow or Wednesday night.

With one week to go, that leaves those two finals, two Area of Study courses, English Comp II, and Intro to Communications. It will be a crazy few days, but this time next week I should be done.