TEEX ACE Credit to Expire 2/28/18

One of the best free sources of credit out there is TEEX’s Cybersecurity. They have three courses – 101, 201, and 301. They’re worth 2 credits a piece, for 6 total. As of right now, the TEEX ACE credits are set to expire on 2/28/18. TEEX ACE

Many people have New Year’s Eve and Day off from work or school. This would be a perfect time to knock out a few free credits. They’re not the easiest courses in the world. There is some overlap so they get easier as you go.

Even if your degree program is unrelated to Cybersecurity, you could use these as free electives, which is what I did. I skipped the pre-tests, skimmed the material, and took the post-tests. 

If you want to see the expiration date for yourself, click here. Find the Cyber Security courses and click on them.

Either way, it’s looking like these will no longer be an option after 2/28/18, so I encourage you to take advantage while you can. Of course, they may extend that deadline or work out a new agreement, but there are no guarantees.

ALEKS used to be a very popular source of free math credits (I was able to get 9 free math credits). They moved the deadline a few times as well, and finally they expired August, 2017. I wouldn’t risk that happening with TEEX.

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