Residency Waiver and Academic Evaluation

I have to say I’m very impressed with the response I got from TESU about the residency waiver. I emailed them on Sunday afternoon to let them know that I couldn’t find where to pay the fee. They emailed me at 9:20 Monday morning with a link. I logged in and paid the waiver and it was all resolved by 9:30am. I expected that I would have to call and be put on hold, etc. This couldn’t have been easier.

Davar Academy and Residency Waiver

This morning (Tuesday), I got the result of my second final from Davar Academy. I passed both upper level finance courses. To transfer the credits, all I had to do was login and press one button and they transferred to TESU, bam.

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TESU General Education Electives

This past week, I received my final passing grade for Business Communication and submitted it to ACE. After that, I decided to finish my TESU General Education Electives. I need 21 credits. These are the 15 that I have so far:

  • ALEKS – College Algebra – 3.0
  • ALEKS – Intermediate Algebra – 3.0
  • – Western Civilization II – 3.0
  • – A History of Vietnam (Not sure if this will come in as a Gen Ed Elective) – 3.0
  • – Started Intro to Criminal Justice – 3.0

These are the courses I decided to take:

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In my post about Nutrition 101, I mentioned that counts your third quiz attempt as final. Therefore, I only ended up with 83% on the quizzes. I was debating between studying Nutrition (to get higher than a 63.5% on the final) or just looking for another Understanding the Physical and Natural World course. I looked at the list and noticed has an Intro to Computing course, Business 109. That will satisfy 1 of the 2 courses that I need. Intro to Computing

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Straighterline Business Statistics

This morning, I signed up for the Straighterline business statistics final at ProctorU at 8:05am and took the first time slot available at 8:25am. The charge for this is a $8.75 “Take it Now” fee. I didn’t have to pay the fee because of ProctorU’s $25 “Platinum” Fast Track option that I signed up for back in January. This option is no longer available, but this $25 has saved me a $5.00-$8.75 fee every time I’ve scheduled an exam. I will have to go back in a future post and total up those savings. Continue reading “Straighterline Business Statistics”

Fastest Credits I’ve Found Yet

On Sunday, I was searching for a fast course I could knock out in one day, and I came across’s History 108: History of the Vietnam War. It transfers into TESU as HIS-351: A History of Vietnam War. This course turned out to be the fastest credits I’ve gotten yet.

I started the 32 quizzes at 1:08pm and finished at 1:47pm with 100%. I took a short break and took the exam from 2:08pm to 2:53pm. That’s a little under an hour and fifteen minutes to get three upper level general education elective credits. No papers or graded assignments.

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How to Save $100,000+ with TESU Online

I just took my final exam for Organizational Behavior from in our guest bedroom on a Saturday on my laptop. I got 3 credits totally from home in just a few hours on my laptop in my free time (which I don’t have very much of). It cost about $100 for 3 credits. I’m going to complete my degree with TESU online, without ever having to step foot into a college or testing center.

I’m probably going to pay less than $5,000 total for a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited University.


TESU Online

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