Straighterline Business Statistics

This morning, I signed up for the Straighterline business statistics final at ProctorU at 8:05am and took the first time slot available at 8:25am. The charge for this is a $8.75 “Take it Now” fee. I didn’t have to pay the fee because of ProctorU’s $25 “Platinum” Fast Track option that I signed up for back in January. This option is no longer available, but this $25 has saved me a $5.00-$8.75 fee every time I’ve scheduled an exam. I will have to go back in a future post and total up those savings.

Proctoru Business Statistics Final

I had a 92% on the quizzes going into the final. The quizzes are worth 690 out of 1000 overall points, so that’s about 635 points. You need a 700 to pass, so I only needed 65/310 points or 20.97%. I thought about just answering C for all 40 questions, but I didn’t want to be hassled with having to take the final again, so I made an effort to correctly answer the easy questions and answer C for harder questions or anything actually requiring math.

I got a 62.5% or 193.75/310. That makes for an overall 82.8%. The final was open book, you could bring a front and back page of notes and use a calculator.

I was able to find a coupon code for this course which saved me $50.┬áThe course including the ebook was only $59. So the course cost me $9 after the $99 monthly subscription fee, for a total of $108.’s Business Statistics was a MUCH better option than the and ALEKS options, even though it was more expensive. I’m very happy to have my statistics credits behind me.