Residency Waiver and Academic Evaluation

I have to say I’m very impressed with the response I got from TESU about the residency waiver. I emailed them on Sunday afternoon to let them know that I couldn’t find where to pay the fee. They emailed me at 9:20 Monday morning with a link. I logged in and paid the waiver and it was all resolved by 9:30am. I expected that I would have to call and be put on hold, etc. This couldn’t have been easier.

Davar Academy and Residency Waiver

This morning (Tuesday), I got the result of my second final from Davar Academy. I passed both upper level finance courses. To transfer the credits, all I had to do was login and press one button and they transferred to TESU, bam.

This morning, I logged in and checked my academic evaluation with TESU. It showed 104 of 121 credits. I still have 3 courses (9 credits) pending with ACE, and the 6 credits from DAVAR weren’t appearing yet. Also, I wanted to make absolutely sure I had enough credits, and I think I will end up with 125 once I transfer over English Composition II and Communications from Straighterline.

I got the grades back for the first two Communications videos, 98 and 100. Also, I sent over a paper last night and another one tonight for English Comp II. That means I have one more video for Communications and five more papers for English Comp II and I’m totally done. Nothing else to do but wait for confirmation from the school and start planning for commencement. As long as TESU doesn’t pressure me to get it done sooner, I plan to finish the rest of the papers this weekend.