General Education & Rocks for Jocks

I’m trying to carefully fill in the last handful of courses to finish my degree. I still need a few general education electives. Over the last couple days, I took all the quizzes for History 102 and Geology 101. My wife enjoyed teasing me about taking “rocks for jocks.” General Education Geology History

I got 100% on all the quizzes in both courses and plan to take both finals today. Next, I plan to take English Comp II or Intro to Communications.

To figure out which general education courses will count at TESU, I started with this list. Then I used this list from and this list from Straighterline to see which courses would count. After that, I looked at the number of quizzes required and made sure there were no extra papers or assignments.

If I can knock out either English Comp II or Intro to Communications this weekend, I will only need seven more courses in the next three weeks. It’s an insane pace, but I think it is doable. At this point, I am really looking forward to October. I can’t wait to kick my feet up after work or on the weekend and not worry about exams or studying.