Fastest Credits I’ve Found Yet

On Sunday, I was searching for a fast course I could knock out in one day, and I came across’s History 108: History of the Vietnam War. It transfers into TESU as HIS-351: A History of Vietnam War. This course turned out to be the fastest credits I’ve gotten yet.

I started the 32 quizzes at 1:08pm and finished at 1:47pm with 100%. I took a short break and took the exam from 2:08pm to 2:53pm. That’s a little under an hour and fifteen minutes to get three upper level general education elective credits. No papers or graded assignments.

Since I still have a couple weeks on this month’s membership, it only cost $70 to take the exam. After the exam I cancelled my subscription again but I still have until September 13, so I might try to squeeze in one more course.

Yesterday, I started Business Statistics with Straighterline. I finished three of seven quizzes with a 95%. I’m finding it WAY easier than the ALEKS statistics course I had tried. If I do well enough on the quizzes, I could probably answer all “C” or “A” on the final and still pass. Hopefully I will get it finished by tomorrow. I still need to write my last paper for International Management by 9/13.

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  1. It looks like ALEKS may not be recertified by ACE ( Sadly. It’s been inspiring reading your progress, thank you! I have been walking along a similar path for years, but much more slowly because I had been working toward transfer to a private graduate school. Now switching up and trying to decide between Excelsior and TESU, because I think since you started your journey TESU has changed the number of credits they accept for transfer. I think positive thoughts for you and your family frequently! Take care. ~ Graz

    1. Grazela, I’m so happy that my progress has been an inspiration. I’m focusing so hard on the specific courses and requirements needed to finish my degree. I haven’t been paying attention to some of these broader changes like ALEKS. Once I’m done I plan to continue blogging to help others on their path. Thank you for the kind thoughts and same to you. 🙂

  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply! I was mainly hoping to spare your followers from signing up for ALEKS only to find they may not receive credit. The absolute hardest part of this process (for me) has been determining where ACE credit courses fall in the credit requirements categories. Thank you, again, for sharing what you learn! Best of wishes.

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