48 Hours Until I Apply for Graduation (Hopefully)

It’s Friday evening and I just got home from work. Tomorrow is the end of the month at work, so I will need to go in for a little while to make sure everything gets closed properly. This time Sunday I hope to apply for graduation with TESU. Here’s what I need to complete between now and then:

  • Make and submit three videos of myself to Straighterline for Intro to Communication
  • Take Intro to Communication Final
  • Write seven papers for English Composition II with Straighterline
  • Take one more Area of Study course with Davar Academy

It sounds a little crazy when I list it out that way, but I believe it is doable. I just need to stick to my study habits. If everything goes well, this time Sunday evening I will be ready to pay my fees and apply for graduation at TESU. It’s the final countdown, as it were. Enjoy.

2 Replies to “48 Hours Until I Apply for Graduation (Hopefully)”

  1. Congratulations and good luck! What you’ve accomplished so far is truly amazing 🙂 You’re inspiring more people than you know.

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