Organizational Behavior

I had one more exam to take with this month’s membership, so I started Business 107: Organizational Behavior. I was specifically looking for another business course that was 1/3 quizzes and 2/3 final with no projects or papers. I had a little over 10% of the course already completed from carryover from other courses. This is the first course I’ve taken at that had a placement test. I took the 30 question placement test and found myself at 39% complete. Sweet!

I finished the rest of the quizzes in two quick sessions and have 99% complete on the quizzes, so I need a 56% on the final to pass the course. I plan to take the final over the weekend.

Business 107: Organizational Behavior

Also, on Tuesday I got the grade rubric, score and feedback for my first paper for International Management. I got 4 “good,” 2 “excellent,” and 1 “needs improvement.” This equated to a 38/50.

There was a bunch of thoughtful feedback at the end in the Grader Notes section. The biggest negatives were that I didn’t have a broad enough Corporate Responsibility Strategy, not hitting on enough of Hofstede’s Dimensions (only two), and lack of in-text citations. The strengths listed were a clearly described lack of business barriers, thoughtful discussion of currency and its impact on investment, the mixing of American and local management, and an interesting idea I had regarding exporting a local product back to the US.

Overall, I’m happy with the result. I could have scored considerably better if I’d taken the time to do in-text citations and explored more of Hofstede’s dimensions, but I think this is a good grade for only spending a couple hours writing a 1500+ word paper. This means I only need 2/50 on the second paper to pass. I will probably fly through the second one even faster to save time. Hopefully I can finish that and the Organizational Behavior final before lunch on Saturday.