Globalization & International Management Assignment 1

I just submitted my first Globalization & International Management assignment. If you remember, I was turned off to submitting these papers, because I didn’t know there would be four 1500-2000 page papers to be written.¬†Coming from someone who has published a book, that’s a quarter to a third of a small book, which is very time consuming, for only three credits. Luckily, listened to student feedback and reduced the requirement from four to two papers.¬†

Once I heard this, I took another look at the requirements and noticed the topic of the first paper is a business case study on a fictional “green” Oregon-based energy company expanding into the Latin-American market, specifically to two South American countries. Luckily, my wife and I went on our honeymoon in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2015, the same week as the Presidential election that saw the center-right Macri take over after years of the leftist Peronist regime. Needless to say, this business case study was a little bit of a layup for me.

I already got 96% on the quizzes and 74% on the final, so I have 170/300 points before writing the two papers, which are worth 50 points each. I need 40% on both to pass, but I couldn’t just coast through this one, it was way too interesting for me.

I spent several hours researching the topic and crafting what I think is an excellent paper and truly compelling business case study. We will see.

The second Globalization & International Management assignment is about an operations manager (my current job) that needs to come up with ways to lower costs and increase production, “including possible outsourcing and expansion of operations to locations overseas.” Another layup.

Depending on the score of the first paper, I may not even need any credit on the second paper to pass, but we will see. I will post with my grade in the next few days when I receive it.