My BUS-421 TECEP Feedback

Here’s my TESU Business Administration Capstone BUS-421 TECEP Feedback. My strategy was:

  • Read the textbook – I read the entire first half (417 pages) over about three weeks but skipped the case studies.
  • Read others’ exam feedback online to get an idea of what to expect.
  • Spent 2-3 days heavy cramming all the bulleted lists and lists of “Key Points” from the ends of the chapters.
  • I made flashcards based on the lists above (this proved to be less helpful than I thought – probably because I’m a visual-spacial learner)
  • I gave up on the flashcards and started memorizing the lists using mnemonics (as best can be done in 3 days)
  • The lists finally started to crystallize in my mind when I put them in order by the number of items on the list instead of the topics.

  • I had three hours to take the exam. I brought blank paper with me and as soon as the exam started, I spent the first 15-16 minutes writing down all the lists I had memorized in order by the number of things on the list – 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, etc.
  • This proved to be very useful as there were a lot of name three ______ or what four ______ tests should you consider, etc.

30 Multiple Choice Questions – 1 point each

I completed this section in about 20 minutes and feel like I got 20-21 out of 30. These are mostly you know it or you don’t questions. There were a few that seemed to have more than one correct answer that you had to pick the “most correct” answer.

5 Short Answers – 5 points each

I really lucked out on this section. I had crammed four out of five topics and remembered the fifth from the reading. I feel like this was my best section. I think I got 23-24 out of 25. I spent only 21 minutes on this section. I think that’s a testament to how well I knew the material.

3 Essays – 15 points each

I feel like I crushed the first essay, totally whiffed on the second essay and did stronger on the third essay. Probably something like 14, 7, and 13 out of 15 each. I spent 59 minutes on the essays, which was more than the first two sections combined, and the vast majority of that time on the last two essays. The first one was a subject I had crammed. The second two I hadn’t crammed. One clicked in my memory and one didn’t. I’m not sure how tough the grading is, that 7 might be conservative, I’m not sure.

BUS-421 TECEP Feedback Summary

$177 for three 400-level Capstone credits simply cannot be beaten. I wish I could have waited to take it until I had taken all the lower level business courses, but since it was being discontinued, I didn’t have a choice. All it took was some research, three weeks of reading a used, slightly older edition textbook and a weekend of serious cramming. I feel pretty good about a 75-77, but you never know. I need a 60 to pass and I feel really good about that.

I’m relieved to have what I see as the hardest part of my degree in my rearview. I plan to start aggressively knocking out lower-level credits to stay on track to graduate in 2017. Stay tuned.