Shmoop History Credits

I signed up for the College Plus Plan with Shmoop. After I signed up for my first TECEPs, I realized I have to wait until the start of the May semester to take them. This gives me about three weeks to knock out these three courses and pick up nine credits for $87.68.

Yesterday, I started on Modern European History. The format is pretty good with eleven unit tests and a graded final. You can retake all the tests and the final once. You don’t have to complete any of the quizzes for credit.

Most of the questions are “gotcha” questions that you could only get from the reading assignments in the text. This sounds intentional and would make it virtually impossible to google the answers. I took the first five tests yesterday and am on track to pass with 45% of the course completed.

I feel like once I get into a rhythm, I’ll be able to complete them pretty quickly.

Yesterday, I got the result of my Digital Marketing Powerpoint and I passed so I passed the course overall. Now I just need to submit it to ACE. Also, earlier in the week I whizzed through’s Business 106 – Human Resource Management. I have no more final exams available at the moment, so I will probably have to start paying at some point so I can take this final and potentiall get more credit from I plan to wait until after my three Shmoop courses and three TECEPs.