Registering for My First TECEP

So I was accepted to Thomas Edison State University (TESU) on 3/13/17. Tonight I enrolled in my first two TECEPs. TECEP stands for Thomas Edison Credit-by-Exam Program.

The first one I chose was OPM-301 Operations Management. I wanted a topic that I know a lot about (this is what I do for a living) to get used to the format. I’m hoping for an easy pass leading up to my second exam.


My second TECEP will be BUS-421, the Business Administration Capstone. This TECEP is the only exam that qualifies for TESU’s Capstone Requirement. (That I know of) It is what makes it possible to test out of the BSBA 100% without attending any physical courses. After reading a few threads, it sounds like this exam might be going away which would grenade my current strategy. I would have liked to study longer for this, but if there’s a real risk it might go away I want to get it on the books ASAP.

Most new TESU students also have to take a one-credit Cornerstone course, TES-100 – Lifelong Learning Strategies. Since I signed up as a affiliate, I was able to skip TES-100. (A $300 savings! cha-ching)

Each TECEP was $117 for a three credit exam. Not too bad.

Shmoop will have to wait now so I can appropriately study and knock these two TECEPs out. More on this in coming days.