Business Law, West Palm Beach, Area of Study

I have to take 18 credits in my Area of Study of General Management with Thomas Edison State University (TESU). There are four areas, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, and Management. The areas that interest me most are Management and Finance. Unfortunately, there are few to no options for finance courses. I’d really like to have taken Mathematical Anaylysis of Financial Decisions or Security Analysis and Portfolio Management.

I’ve already taken Digital Marketing and Advertising, so I plan to fill up the remaining 15 credits with Management and Accounting courses. The first two I plan to take are MAN-372 International Management and Man-230 Introduction to Entrepreneurship, both with I have two remaining free exams coming up in 6 days. Hopefully I can finish one or both of these classes by then and jump right into the finals. My Area of Study would be half over.

This week I had to go to West Palm Beach, Florida for training for work. I’ve had a bunch of managerial training and worked with several management consultants in the past and this was easily the best, most-focused, management training I’ve had. I’m thankful and very happy to be working for such a great company that is willing to invest in its managers. I’m looking forward to implementing what I learned and growing the business.

West Palm Beach

Since I was out of town most of last week, my pace has slowed a little. I did manage to finish the Business Law course with Straighterline with a 92 heading into the final which I’ve scheduled for this evening.

After my final tonight, I will be at 44 credits out of 120 in 78 days. That would put me on pace to finish in about 213 days (sometime in early August). Hopefully this week I will be able to speed up the pace and complete 6 credits. I would be at 50 credits by this time next week (85 days), on pace to finish in 204 days, or sometime in July.