What 3 Lessons Can We Learn From Austin Rogers?

I love Jeopardy. I watched it with my grandparents as a kid, love to watch it as an adult, always take the online tests every year, and my wife was even on the show last year. Jeopardy contestant Austin Rogers just finished an unbelievable run of 12 straight Jeopardy wins. His $413,000 in winnings moved him past Arthur Chu into 5th all time among Jeopardy contestants.

Austin Rogers - Jeopardy

What 3 lessons can we learn from his success?

To prepare for Jeopardy, Austin “watched countless back episodes of Jeopardy.” He is obviously intelligent, but he took the time to relentlessly study and prepare. Potential isn’t enough, discipline and hard work are way more valuable.

“Like, I saw two episodes [from different decades] and they both said, “Blah, blah, blah, Romanian playwright.’ Each time both contestants rang in and said, “Who is Ionesco?’ I still have no idea who Ionesco is, but if I’m ever confronted with “Romanian playwright,’ I know the intended answer.”

There are bits of information that, no matter how smart you are, you simply wouldn’t know without studying or preparing. To be as successful as possible, you have to study.

Set goals and achieve them. 

“I set myself a goal of two wins. I sort of exceeded that expectation.”

When you’re pursuing your degree, you need to set realistic, achievable, goals. Then you need to do what it takes to achieve them. It sounds simple, but it’s critically important. What specific date do you plan to finish your degree? Is that achievable? I set out to finish my degree in one year, 365 days. I finished it in 280 days. That’s setting a specific, achievable, goal and going out and achieving it.

One year might be too much, or you might think a shorter period of time is achievable. Whatever the case, set a goal, write it down, then set out to achieve it.

Enjoy yourself along the way

“My motivation was to enjoy myself in the moment now that I already set my own goal. So every subsequent game was, ‘Let’s have fun with this, I don’t care if I lose now!'”

Don’t stress yourself out too much or put undue pressure on yourself. Study and prepare. Set a realistic, achievable, goal and set out to achieve it. Once you start to realize some success, it actually gets to be fun.

Enjoy yourself along the way!