1/16/17 – The Big Three

If you want to acquire a bachelor’s degree quickly, you need a school where you’re able to transfer in an unusually high number of credits. You need 120 credits to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. There are varying requirements from different colleges, but most colleges will not allow you to transfer in 90 or more credits from other schools or exams.

There are a “Big Three” of schools that will allow you to transfer in close to 120 credits and graduate with a regionally-accredited (the gold standard) bachelor’s degree. These are not fly-by-night for-profit schools. These are schools that primarily cater to people in the military or people that are trying to complete degrees later in life. The important attribute is that they will allow you to transfer in tons of credits from various sources.

Thomas Edison State University

Excelsior College

Charter Oak State College

The more I read about DIY bachelor’s degrees, the more I feel like I’m going down an inescapable rabbit hole. Which school should I target? What’s the fastest degree plan? The cheapest? There are so many variables it can be overwhelming.

The redeeming reminder for me is that no matter what I choose, I will still possess a Bachelor’s Degree within a year, outlaying very little cash compared to a typical undergraduate degree.

I’m leaning toward Thomas Edison because of my chosen major, business. Also, since I’m not transferring any old college credits in, it makes sense for that reason. As silly as it sounds, I’d also really like to walk for my diploma and Trenton, NJ is pretty close to my home town. Friends and family would be able to come if they wanted to.

Even if I don’t make the optimal choices, I will still have acquired a degree using less of my time and money than 99% of people (or 99.9%, or 99.99%? I’m not sure anyone’s done a study).