10/1/17 – I Just Applied for Graduation at TESU

It’s been a whirlwind weekend. I finished my last two Area of Study courses. I submitted 2 of 3 Communications videos and took my Communications final. After that, I applied for graduation at TESU and submitted several English Composition II papers. I didn’t quite finish everything I set out to, but it was one of my most productive weekends yet, and I still managed to spend a beautiful Saturday with my family in Blowing Rock, NC. We followed it up by driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Blue Ridge Parkway Before Applying for Graduation at TESU

When I got home, I finished out my Area of Study with¬†Multinational Business Finance and Corporate Finance at Davar Academy. To be fair, finance is something that naturally interests me. I’ve read a tremendous amount of books and articles on this topic. I know quite a bit about business structures, financial statements and financial instruments. For each exam, I read the included study guides from Davar for about an hour a piece. That was it. The format of the exams is 60 multiple choice questions followed by 10 essay questions. If I pass, I will transfer the credits right away to TESU.

I took the Intro to Communication final with Straighterline and scored an 86. The first video basically counts for up to 10 points of extra credit. The second video was a little more difficult to prepare for. I made a good informative presentation, except I only cited one source instead of three. I’m sure I will be docked points for that. I started preparing for the third video which also requires a submission of a typed outline. I plan to submit my outline tomorrow. As soon as I receive my grades, I will add them to my ACE transcript.

I know English Composition II is a course about composing in English. I get it. The requirement is seven papers, most of which require three scholarly sources, accounting for roughly 50% of the final grade. This is strenuous at best. I love to write. I’ve written a book.¬†This is too much work for a 100 level English course, in my opinion. In one case, they require you to read a book and write a 750 word paper citing a source they require you to use. I wonder what they are really grading on, ability to follow directions? I don’t want to sound too negative or cynical, but to say this isn’t my favorite course would be an understatement.

Today, October 1, is the deadline to apply for December graduation with TESU. I applied this afternoon, and it was a surprisingly easy process. You click on “Apply for Graduation,” and select when you plan to graduate. I made sure my name was displayed correctly for my diploma, and payed a fee. The graduation fee is $332 if you use ACH. There’s a small surcharge if you use a credit or debit card.

I tried to pay the residency waiver fee at the same time but I couldn’t find any way to do it online. Being a Sunday, I couldn’t call the school. I emailed the school letting them know that I intend to pay the residency waiver fee and just need to know how to do so. Hopefully they contact me in the morning. If not, I will call them and try to pay it over the phone. On the bright side, with the TESU affiliation, I will only have to pay $1800 instead of $2500 for the residency waiver.

I still have a few things to button up before I can say I’m finished, but I suddenly feel like graduation/commencement in December will definitely happen. I’m very grateful for Thomas Edison to allow me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in this way, and I’m looking forward to being completely finished.