Free 10 Step Checklist That Will Change Your Life

I made it, just under the wire. I graduated from Thomas Edison State University with a bachelor’s degree in just under a year. More importantly, I tested out of all of the credits required to graduate. I didn’t attend any classes, in person or virtually. It cost me a little over $5,000 (and could have cost me a lot less). A little over a year ago, I didn’t even know this was possible. Frankly, if I’d have known, I’d have done it years ago. Now that I’m all done studying, I want to spend some time helping others to get their degrees also. Instead of going back and reading all 100 posts so far to date, I wanted to offer a quick guide to get you started on the right foot. Here is my 10 Step Checklist to testing out of a bachelor’s degree.

If you are working full-time or are a stay at home Mom or Dad, this is a particularly good option for you. It can be done in well under a year, for FAR less than the cost of a 4-year brick and mortar college. These aren’t fly-by-night for profit colleges either. This is a strategy to test out of a real, regionally-accredited college quickly and inexpensively.


What’s in it for me you ask? Nothing as of now. I am not charging for consulting. Not charging any subscription fees. Not getting any kickbacks. As the site continues to grow, I plan to make some small, affiliate commissions when I suggest companies or products that I really truly believe in. That’s it. Good luck finding that kind of honesty and altruism on the internet.

If it seems too simple and inexpensive, that’s because it is. Make a new year’s resolution to get your bachelor’s degree in 2018 for less than you would pay for most used cars. This is something that will stay with you always. It might help you to get a new job, get a promotion at your current company, help you move internationally, or even just satisfy that chip on your shoulder because you never went to college or dropped out because life got in the way.

My 10 Step Checklist will change your life, and it’s free. 

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