What’s Next? Considering Part-Time or Online MBA

After I  applied for graduation last month, I decided to take a little time off to relax. I went to one of my favorite car shows and spent a weekend at the lake with my family. I’m feeling reenergized. I want to start my part-time or online MBA (or possibly a master’s in a more specific field. More on that later). Living in Charlotte, NC, I’m fortunate that there are some really excellent programs to choose from. It’s actually a little overwhelming.

There are 8 MBA programs in Charlotte, the 4th best online MBA program in the country, as well as a brand-new competency-based online option:

WGU North Carolina Online MBA

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What 3 Lessons Can We Learn From Austin Rogers?

I love Jeopardy. I watched it with my grandparents as a kid, love to watch it as an adult, always take the online tests every year, and my wife was even on the show last year. Jeopardy contestant Austin Rogers just finished an unbelievable run of 12 straight Jeopardy wins. His $413,000 in winnings moved him past Arthur Chu into 5th all time among Jeopardy contestants.

Austin Rogers - Jeopardy

What 3 lessons can we learn from his success?

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After 9 Months and 6 Days – I’m Done

Last night I submitted my final paper for English Comp II and my last video for Intro to Communication. I’ve already applied for graduation and paid the fees. All I have left do to graduate is submit my ACE transcript in a few days, and I’m done. It took me 280 days start to finish.

I feel relieved. It felt weird waking up this morning without having to study or take any exams. I’m very grateful for the help I got along the way from the advisors at Thomas Edison State University and several helpful people at degreeforum.net.

Please continue to follow along. I will continue to post about how to earn your bachelor’s degree online. TESU’s commencement will be on a Saturday in December (more on that in future posts). On a personal note, I plan to study for and take the GMAT test in the coming months. Once I’m done with that, I plan to take what I feel is a well earned break from studying for a few weeks.

In the next few days I will post a final cost breakdown, but here is a final list of all my courses:

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Residency Waiver and Academic Evaluation

I have to say I’m very impressed with the response I got from TESU about the residency waiver. I emailed them on Sunday afternoon to let them know that I couldn’t find where to pay the fee. They emailed me at 9:20 Monday morning with a link. I logged in and paid the waiver and it was all resolved by 9:30am. I expected that I would have to call and be put on hold, etc. This couldn’t have been easier.

Davar Academy and Residency Waiver

This morning (Tuesday), I got the result of my second final from Davar Academy. I passed both upper level finance courses. To transfer the credits, all I had to do was login and press one button and they transferred to TESU, bam.

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10/1/17 – I Just Applied for Graduation at TESU

It’s been a whirlwind weekend. I finished my last two Area of Study courses. I submitted 2 of 3 Communications videos and took my Communications final. After that, I applied for graduation at TESU and submitted several English Composition II papers. I didn’t quite finish everything I set out to, but it was one of my most productive weekends yet, and I still managed to spend a beautiful Saturday with my family in Blowing Rock, NC. We followed it up by driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Blue Ridge Parkway Before Applying for Graduation at TESU

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TESU General Education Electives

This past week, I received my final passing grade for Business Communication and submitted it to ACE. After that, I decided to finish my TESU General Education Electives. I need 21 credits. These are the 15 that I have so far:

  • ALEKS – College Algebra – 3.0
  • ALEKS – Intermediate Algebra – 3.0
  • Study.com – Western Civilization II – 3.0
  • Study.com – A History of Vietnam (Not sure if this will come in as a Gen Ed Elective) – 3.0
  • Study.com – Started Intro to Criminal Justice – 3.0

These are the courses I decided to take:

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7 Online Degree Study Habits

People keep asking me how I manage to take so many courses at the same time and finish them all so quickly. They tell me they would love to pursue a degree online but they’re afraid they’d just start a bunch of courses and never finish them like other projects in their life. How am I able to start and balance so many courses at the same time? How do I actually finish them all in a timely manner? The answer is determination and good study habits. A long time ago, I read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. This post is about the 7 study habits that I use to finish my degree so quickly.

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9/10/17 – Sunday Degree Progress Update

Time for another Sunday degree progress update. This weekend, I wrote and submitted my final 1500-word paper for Globalization & International Management. I put more work into it than I had originally planned, since I only needed 2 points out of 50 to pass. I took my Study.com Western Civilization II final and got a 72% for an overall 81%. I also signed up for Straighterline’s English Composition II and Introduction to Communication, using coupon codes for $25 and $59 off, respectively.

Degree Progress: I started my degree on January 1, 2017. I’m 253 days in, and I’ve completed 95 credits. 

Here’s where I’m at so far in terms of credits and dollars:

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